by: Silwati

The trees were dancing
the wind hummed on the fig tree
as like a melody of universe in praise
humming the rhythm of silence

The moon felt into the jungle
The children were picking it
They were playing from tree to another tree
hide and seek while were hunting the stars

The women gave incense for  praise
The time noted it on the light
This is the worship to the Almighty Creator
The spells penetrated to the night of deepest silence

The song of the jungle
unity in harmony
humming of love to the universe
Every melody reverbrated into every space
The sound of wind be one with the chirrup of  birds
Forming  like a harmony
Jungle is a palace that we built from the purest of love

#This poem was read at the event Music & Arts _ Women of Word Poetry Slam | Ubud Writers & Readers Festival ( UWRF), Bali, Oct 2018

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